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BISSELL GROUP Consultants and Alliance Partners work with leaders of businesses and organizations as they address significant operational challenges driven by:

+  Complex logistics or workflow tied to heavy use or development of technology

+  Software architecture and engineering of complex systems including mobile and web applications

+  Need for data analytics and business intelligence for process optimization to increase effectiveness & efficiency through measurement and active feedback

+  Sustainability initiatives tied to internal values or customer requirements

Our Approach

Bringing together experts in business, computer technology, digital strategy, data science, design and mission to tackle initiatives requiring subject matter expertise across languages, technologies and cultures.  Having formed an alliance of software architects and developers with digital artists, missionaries and high tech business executives, we are now developing and deploying mobile applications and cloud computing solutions for clients providing language-centric access to Bible-centric video, audio and text assets.

As practitioners, we enter in and join existing teams to work through the process of strategic planning, data gathering & assessment, workflow mapping, corrective action, staffing and training --- we can even help you figure out where to start. In some cases Bissell Group partners may fill interim roles providing executive leadership or technology architecture and design expertise.  

Representative Engagements & Case Studies

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Representative Engagements and Case Studies