As consultants, contractors or employees, we have worked with a wide variety of business and organizations.


Solar Photovoltaic Systems in New Mexico. In an interim COO capacity at Positive Energy Solar, worked with this leading design and installation business to help them adjust to rapid changes in a fast-paced market as the production and use of solar energy systems expands from residential into large-scale commerical installations and costs are driven down by commoditization.

Optimized workflow for MediCare and MediCaid claims processing at FamilyCare. As the volume of transactions increased for this growing business, served in an interim CTO capacity in guiding the efforts to map the processes and workflow, expose the bottlenecks, evaluate software systems, and redesign for faster processing of claims, increased accuracy, and timely payment of providers.

Shift Agent Labs in Florida. Worked with Shift Agent Labs to scale data solutions that expedite workflows between legacy enterprise systems and innovative software development leveraging mobile technology.

Built and deployed the Arclight System for Jesus Film Media (JFM).  A team of Bissell Group consultants and developers joined JFM's internal team in architecting, building and deploying systems for uploading the contents of the JESUS Film Project's vast video and film catalog to the internet cloud.  Systems were built to manage the metadata and provide an API interface to mobile and web apps.  JFM and third-party mobile apps were developed for iOS and Android devices along with analytics to capture play events.  Work is ongoing as more and more Biblical content becomes available for viewing in the heart languages of the world. 

Business Intelligence solutions designed by Axian for Nike Corporate Responsibility global factory database. Worked with Axian, Inc.'s Business Intelligence team as they designed and created a new data base to manage the flow and storage of factory data resulting in timely and accurate reporting for Nike's contract factories.

Creating writing systems for unwritten African languages with The Izere Project. By invitation of community and tribal leaders, we assist with planning and logistics as linguists, translators and teachers push ahead to document unwritten languages and preserve the richness of the oral cultures. The resulting writing systems enable the people to transcribe oral histories and stories and to begin the translation of the Bible along with medical and farming materials.

Development partnership for GlobalConneXion. Served as interim General Manager working with business and software development teams to establish a partnership between two not-for-profit organizations developing a collaboration portal using a combination of proprietary and open source tools.

Selection of global climate and energy software solutions for Nike. Led multi-functional Nike teams in complex software evaluation and selection project. Incorporated Lean principals while leading teams through tasks including selection of key stakeholders, identification of system and reporting needs, project planning and timeline while staying within budget.

Quality and reliability engineering: continuous improvement. Accelerated life stressing / testing of new products on the latest process technologies; data analysis and reporting. Worked with test engineers and failure analysis teams on continuous process improvement for new process chip reliability.


Case Studies:  Sustainability → Healthier Businesses

In today's world we are confronted with great challenges and great opportunities. We have the ability to direct our future through sustainable practices by shaping the growth of business, building stronger communities and strengthening consumer connections. We can take the first step in creating positive social and environmental change which will impact the world throughout the 21st century.

The Bissell Group includes experienced sustainability practitioners, working with business leaders to increase real business value in today's economic environment. At a practical level we help businesses gather data to analyze and understand the impact of their own operations, and help them respond to new and complex requirements from their customers.  

Case Study #1 – Responding to Wal-Mart's Sustainability Assessment Scorecard. Project planning, process analysis and data reporting services to a Wal-Mart supplier in collaboration with Shift Advantage®. This resulted in the supplier moving up from a "failing" rating to become the top apparel supplier per Wal-Mart's Scorecard. Key deliverable was a project summary, factory recommendation and data package ready for submission to Wal-Mart.

Case Study #2 - Climate & Energy data assessment strategy for Nike. Developed climate data map highlighting strengths and weaknesses in global energy data. Established data structure & formatting, updated with current energy emission factors and World Resources Institute's Scope 3 Greenhouse gas emissions protocol.

Case Study #3 - Factory energy efficiency studies in China. Secured project funding from State Department and Department of Energy for contract factory energy efficiency studies in China in collaboration with National Association of State Energy Officers (NASEO).

Case Study #4 - Global Climate Reporting. Managed global climate reporting for Nike and other companies as they prepared their submissions for the annual Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and Climate Counts questionnaires.

Case Study #5 - Carbon offset and offset provider strategy. Researched providers and offsets to sort out available options in the marketplace. The result promoted investment in global energy efficiency projects versus continued investment in offsets and renewable energy credits.